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Bin Wasting Space is a small utility application that sends text messages to remind you when your trash days are depending on your locality.

The Pitch

Have you been bin wasting your trash space? Have you been forgetting which week recycling is?

With data from the Hobart City Council and the Launceston City Council, we have created a small utility application that would allow you to subscribe to a text messaging service that reminds you when the bin days, recycling days, and green waste days are.

To make it more accessible, the simple signup process only requires your name, phone number and address. Our application creates a set of polygons which maps the different geographical regions to their respective collection days based on type. We will then dereference your address into a set of coordinates and identify which region to subscribe you to.

The application will send out text messages to remind you which bins to take out when.

With this application, we aim to reduce the amount of recycling that would otherwise go into landfills because of missed recycling days.

Datasets Used

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